Rapidly changing client requirements, market conditions and technologies avail opportunities and uncertainties for business and organizations. Consequently, the most promising investments may possess inherent threats to their success.

We carry out studies to identify, define and examine commercial, technical, financial, economic and environmental prerequisites for proposed or existing projects. We analyze the resources required and the benefits, as well as opportunities and threats to projects, to avail all data required for investment decisions.

Projects are fundamental for organizations to achieve strategic objectives, to improve operations and to deliver on specific client products or services. We offer professional support and advice through every stage of project delivery starting with initiation, through planning, execution to closure.

To ensure that projects deliver desired and envisaged outcomes, we define and document the execution and control of projects. We carry out project planning, to guide delivery of projects within approved scope, budget and time as well as execution of the management plans. We define project success factors, deliverables, activities, schedule, cost structures, specifications, resources, risks, stakeholders and communication to ensure successful execution of projects.

We objectively assess ongoing and completed project, to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

Projects of all complexities require contracts to define responsibilities, obligations and rights of clients and contractors/ vendors. Contract administration and management involves the creation, execution and maintenance of contracts.

We offer effective contract administration and management reducing organization expenditure, improving financial and operational performance and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We offer contract administration including procurement of contractors, drafting of contracts, facilitating negotiations on price, delivery schedules, and performance expectations. We then manage contracts to ensure that deliverables and deadlines are adhered to as outlined in the agreement.

In order to function sustainably, societies and communities require infrastructure including transportation, telecommunication, electric grids, sewers, water supply and buildings. We work on a range of industrial, commercial, residential and societal infrastructure by offering the services of: Master planning; environmental management; land surveying; architecture and urban planning; civil and structural engineering; electrical engineering; information and communication technology; fire protection engineering; mechanical engineering; and process engineering, etc.

In light of the increasingly complex and challenging engineering problems, we offer appropriate, innovative engineering solutions that meet Client requirements while adhering to standards and regulations.

Our engineers professionally carry out needs assessment, design conceptualization, design development, design documentation and securing of development permits.

We provide independent consultation to clients, financial institutions, insurers to assist in project cost management. Our services include: budgeting and financing structuring; cost planning, estimation and cash flow projection; tender documentation; works valuation and payment certification; and cost reporting.

We supervise construction projects by applying project management methods, techniques and tools to ensure that projects are completed within budget, time and to the right quality. We work with project owners to ensure that their interests are fully promoted and achieved.

We offer the following services:

  • Planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating construction from start to finish according to schedule, specifications and budget.
  • Budgeting for construction projects.
  • Planning and preparing construction schedules and milestones, and monitoring progress against established schedules.
  • Developing and implementing quality control programs.
  • Preparing progress reports and payment claims.
  • Procurement of project inputs including materials, tools, equipment, plant etc.
  • Hiring and supervising the activities of subcontractors and subordinate staff.

Full value of assets can only be realized through optimum operation and maintenance. We ensure that facility and infrastructure operators are well equipped for their role by developing and documenting operation and maintenance plans. We ensure that all necessary and contractual documentation including as-built drawings, operation and user manuals, warranty, permits etc is compiled, validated and handed over by the Contractor. We oversee transition of management of constructed facilities and infrastructure from contractors to owners including user training.

Often, ongoing and completed projects present opportunity for improvement of their execution, outcomes and performance. We leverage our experience and competence as well as appropriate collaboration to evaluate deficiencies or areas of improvement for projects.

We conduct independent audit of ongoing and completed engineering projects in order to identify gaps in compliance with international, national and company specific standards and regulations, effectiveness and efficiency.

Public investments and endeavors are implemented with public resources and are consequently subject to stakeholder accountability. Often, these projects require independent evidence-based investigation to establish whether economy, effectiveness and efficiency has been achieved in the use of public funds.

We conduct value for money audits to establish whether funds have been optimally expended, and that intended efficiency and effectiveness has been realized.